ISO 9001:2015

Analog Electronic Kits

SAL 701Single stage R-C coupled (CE) amplifierSAL 702Single stage R-C coupled (CB) amplifier
SAL 703Emitter follower (CC) amplifierSAL 704Single stage negative feedback amplifier
SAL 705Single stage tunned voltage amplifierSAL 706Single stage tunned voltage amplifier & +ve feed back
SAL 707FET amplifier (CS or CD)SAL 708MOSFET amplifier (CS)
SAL 709Single stage transformer coupled amplifier SAL 710Two stage R-C coupled amplifier
SAL 711Darlington emitter follower amplifierSAL 712Two stage direct coupled amplifier
SAL 713Negative feedback amplifierSAL 714Differential amplifier
SAL 715Wideband amplifierSAL 716Single stage power amplifiers, class A, B, and AB
SAL 717Study of push-pull amplifier class (AB or B)SAL 718Study of push pull amplifier class (A,B and AB)
SAL 719Complimentary symmetry class push pull amplifierSAL 720Study of class C amplifier
SAL 721Study of Hartley's oscillatorSAL 722Study of Colpitt's oscillator
SAL 723Study of R-C phase shift oscillatorSAL 724Study of Wein's Bridge Oscillator
SAL 725Study of different Oscillators (All in one)SAL 726Crystal oscillator
SAL 727Study of Astable, Monostable & Bistable multivibratorSAL 728Timer IC 555 as multivibrator
SAL 729VCO using IC 555SAL 730VCO using IC NE 566
SAL 731PLL (4046, capture & lock)SAL 732PLL (frequency synthesis)
SAL 733Frequency to volt conversion using IC 555SAL 734IC 555 delay circuit
SAL 735Diode as clipping and clamping circuitSAL 736R-C integrator & differentiator circuit
SAL 737Transistor as current sourceSAL 738Crystal filter Characteristics
SAL 739R-C filter(T-type)SAL 740Constant K (LP, HP and BP) filters
SAL 741M derived (LP, HP and BP) filtersSAL 742Composite LPF, HPF, BPF filter
SAL 743Half wave/full wave And bridge rectifierSAL 744Diode rectifier and filter Characteristics
SAL 745Three terminal voltage regulator 7805 or7905SAL 746Voltage multiplier circuits
SAL 747Transient Response in LCR circuitSAL 748Transient Response in RC Circuit
SAL 749Transient Response In LR CircuitSAL 750Hybrid Resonance Circuit
SAL 751Transmission line parametersSAL 752T and Pye ASY/Sym network
SAL 753T and Pye attenuatorSAL 754Twin T circuits
SAL 755Network theorems (DC circuits)SAL 756Kirchoff's Law
SAL 757Study of regulated power supply(zener & transistor)SAL 758Series regulated power supply(12V/1A)
SAL 759Shunt regulated power supplySAL 760Study of SMPS (24V/1A)
SAL 761Series regulated power supply I.C. based

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