ISO 9001:2015


SBL 401Semiconductor P-N Junction Diode CharacteristicsSBL 402Transistor Characteristics
SBL 403Zener Diode(Reverse Breakdown)CharacteristicsSBL 404Zener Diode(Voltage Regulation)Characteristics
SBL 405C-V Characteristics of p-n junction diodeSBL 406L.E.D Characteristics
SBL 407U.J.T CharacteristicsSBL 408F.E.T Characteristics
SBL 409MOSFET CharacteristicsSBL 410Thermistor(glass)Characteristics
SBL 411Opto Coupler CharacteristicsSBL 412Photo Diode Characteristics
SBL 413L.D.R CharacteristicsSBL 414Photo transistor Characteristics
SBL 415Photo Voltic cell(solar cell)CharacteristicsSBL 416Hybrid parameters of transistor in CE configuration
SBL 417Band gap(energy gap) in semiconductor diodeSBL 418Transistor biasing circuits
SBL 421L.E.D(current v/s illumination)CharacteristicSBL 425Thyraton valve char(ionization and firing)
SBL 426Ionization potential of mercury(Thyraton valve)SBL 428Work function of diode emitter(verification of Richardson law)
SBL 429Voltage reguator tube(v-r tube)char.SBL 430Photo electric cell(vaccum)characteristics
SBL 431Planck's constant app. Photo cellSBL 432Verification of Stefan's law using Diode valve
SBL 433Switching ch. of transistor(ECO)SBL 434Switching ch. of diode & transistor(ECO)
SBL 435Switching ch. of MOSFETSBL 436Study of Reverse Recovery in diode
SBL 437Char. of IGBT (ECO)SBL 438PUT Characteristics & Rex Osc.
SBL 439GTO Thyristor CharacteristicsSBL 432TSTEFAN'S CONSTANT EXP. SET UPs
SBL 462Tunnel Diode Experiment

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