ISO 9001:2015


SIL201Measurement of temperature by ThermistorSIL202Measurement of temperature by Thermocouple
SIL203Measurement of temperature by RTDSIL204Measurement of temperature using Thermister,
Thermocouple and RTD
SIL205Measurement of Speed by Photo Electric Pick-UpSIL206Measurement of Speed by Electromagnetic Pick-Up
SIL207Light Intensity by Light Dependent Resistance (LDR)SIL208Measurement of Light Intensity by Photo Voltaic Cell
SIL209Measurement of Light Intensity with Photo DiodeSIL210Linear Displacement by Linear Motion Potentiometer
SIL211Angular Displacement by Angular Potentiometer SIL212Linear Variable Differential Transformer (L.V.D.T)
SIL213Study of Inductive Pick-UpSIL214Study of Capacitive Pick-Up
SIL215Measurement of Load Using Load CellSIL216Measurement of Strain using Strain Cantilever
SIL217Measurement of Pressure using Pressure CellSIL218Measurement of Speed by Proximity Sensor
SIL219Measurement of Water Level by Capacitive TransducerSIL220Measurement of Air Velocity by Air Velocity Transducer
SIL220AMeasurement of Air Velocity using AnemometerSIL221Measurement of water level using strain gauge type load cell
SIL222Measurement of distance using L.D.R.SIL223Characteristics of LM 35 sensor
SIL224Measurement of temperature by AD590SIL225Measurement of distance using strain gauge type
Displacement transducer
SIL226Characteristics of resistive transducer PhotoSIL230Measurement of Torque usingĀ StrainĀ Gauge
SIL229Study of LDR, Photodiode & Photo transistor Photo Electric Transducers Characteristics (4 in one)

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