ISO 9001:2015

Post Graduate

SBP 550Distributed Capacity of Inductance CoilSBP 627Determination of velocity of light using modulated Laser method
SBP 551 A Four Probe methodSBP 628To determine dielectric constant at high frequency using Leacher Wire &
To study reflected waves in Leacher Wire for different terminating loads
SBP 416Hall Coefficient for given semi conductor
SBP 216Michelson Interferometer SAL 721Hartley's Oscillator
SBP 222Constant Deviation SpectrometerSAL 722Colpitt's Oscillator
SBP 223 Velocity of ultrasonic waves in given liquidSAL 724Wein Bridge Oscillator using IC 741
SBP 554GM CounterSAL 728IC 555 Timer as Astable, Mono & Bistable
SBP 555Electron Spin Response Spectrum of DPPH (ESR)SAL 735Different Clipper and Clamper Circuits
SBP 556He-Ne Laser SetupSAL 741Voltage Doubler Tripler
SBP 557Microwave Test Bench for Physics Expt.SAL 802Op Amp for different Mathematical Operations
SBP 558Hall Effect of MetalsSAL 817Frequency response of Op Amp
SBP 559Heating Capacity of Solid at High&Low tempSBL 408FET Characteristics
SBP 560Measurement of Magnetoresistance SBL 409MOSFET Characteristics
SBP 561Curie Temperature of ferro electricSBL 421LED Characteristics
SBP 564Ultrasonic InferometerSDL 906SR & JK Flip Flops Trainer
SBP 565Franck-Hertz ExperimentSDL 914Half & Full Adder, Half & Full Subtractor
SBP 566Dielectric Constant of SolidsSDL 923Seven Segment Display Trainer
SBP 567Two Probe MethodSDL 926Analog to Digital Convertor
SBP 568To verify Malus LawSDL 928Digital to Analog convertor
SBP 622Verification of Curie Weiss Law for Electrical SusceptibilitySCT 601Power Dissipation in Amplitude Modulation
SBP 623Zeeman Effect SCT 606Frequency Modulation/ Demodulation
SBP 624 Wavelength of Laser Light using DiffractionSCT 615Superheterodyne Receiver Kit
SBP 625To measure Dielectric Constant of Barium Titanate as Function of TemperatureSIL 202PTMeasurement of Vaccum using Pirani/Thermocouple's gauge
SBP 626Study of arc emission spectrum of given samples (Fe and Cu)SBL 414Phototransistor Characteristics