ISO 9001:2015


SPL501Triac Phase ControlSPL502 S.C.R. Phase Control
SPL503S.C.R. Single phase Half/Full wave fully controlled rectifier SPL503ES.C.R. Single phase Half/Full wave fully controlled rectifier
SPL504S.C.R. Single phase Half/Full controlled bridge rectifier SPL504ES.C.R. Single phase Half/Full controlled bridge rectifier
SPL505Single phase Half/Full controlled bridge converter SPL505ESingle phase Half/Full controlled bridge converter
SPL506Study of Single phase dual converterSPL507Three Phase Half controlled Bridge converter (or rectifier)
SPL508Three Phase Full controlled Bridge converter (or rectifier) SPL509DC motor speed control
SPL510S.C.R. V-I characteristicsSPL511 U.J.T characteristics with relaxation oscillator
SPL512DIAC CharacteristicsSPL513TRIAC Characteristics
SPL514S.C.R based John chopperSPL514E S.C.R based John chopper
SPL515S.C.R based Morgan chopperSPL516AC chopper using S.C.R
SPL517Four Quadrant ChopperSPL518 MOSFET Chopper
SPL519IGBT Chopper SPL520SCR DC motor speed control using chopper
SPL521DC motor speed control using phase controlled rectifier SPL522Universal motor speed control using phase control
(stroboscopic method)
SPL523Speed control of Induction Motor (by varying voltage)SPL524Speed control of Induction Motor (varying frequency)
SPL525Speed control AC Induction Motor(open/close loop)SPL526Single phase to single phase midpoint Cycloconverter
SPL526ESingle phase to single phase midpoint CycloconverterSPL527Single phase to single phase Bridge Cycloconverter
SPL527ESingle phase to single phase Bridge CycloconverterSPL528Series commutated S.C.R inverter
SPL528ESeries commutated S.C.R inverterSPL529Series commutated MOSFET inverter
SPL530Series commutated IGBT inverterSPL531 S.C.R Parallel inverter
SPL531ES.C.R Parallel inverterSPL532 MOSFET based inverter circuit
SPL532EMOSFET based inverter circuitSPL533S.C.R based bridge inverter
SPL533ES.C.R based bridge inverterSPL534MOSFET based bridge inverter
SPL534GIGBT based bridge inverterSPL535Macmurray Full (or Half) bridge inverter
SPL536S.C.R Triggering circuitsSPL537S.C.R Triggering circuits (superimposed)
SPL538Lamp flasher using S.C.RSPL539S.C.R ring counter
SPL540Thyristor circuit breaker {current limiting}SPL541S.C.R commutation methods class A-E
SPL542U.J.T triggering circuitSPL543 Thyristor AC/DC circuit breakers
SPL544Trigger circuit for Power, BJT, MOSFET, IGBTSPL545Buck boost converter(CUK)
SPL546DC to DC converterSPL547 Thyristor over voltage protection
SPL548Three phase to single phase cycloconverter (bridge type)
for alpha = 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°
SPL549Single phase IGBT based P.W.M. inverter using:
i) Multiple P.W.M. Technique
ii) Sinusoidal P.W.M. Technique
SPL550Reduction of Harmonics of inverterSPL551Power & Shottky diode characteristics
SPL552I.G.B.T. CharacteristicsSPL553G.T.O. Characteristics
SPL554Study of Pulse transformer & optocouplerSPL555Speed control of small motor using single phase
half & full wave fully controlled rectifier
SPL556Study Parallel inverter to drive small AC induction motorSPL557Firing Circuit based on IC's NE555, 7408 & 3140
SPL558Step up MOSFET based chopper circuit

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