ISO 9001:2015

Process Control Equipments

SCL101PID ControllerSCL102PID Controller(Model Process)
SCL103Linear System SimulatorSCL104Potentiometeric Error Detector
SCL105Compensating CircuitsSCL106DC Position Control System
SCL107DC Speed Control SystemSCL107SDC Speed Control System Characteristics
SCL108Stepper Motor with µP interfaceSCL109AC Motor Position Control System(ECO)
SCL110ASynchro Transmitter/ReceiverSCL110BControl Transformer (Part of Selsyn)
SCL111Magnetic AmplifierSCL112Speed Torque Characteristics of AC Servomotor
SCL113Servo Stabilizer SCL114Speed Torque Characteristics of DC Servomotor
SCL116Relay Control SystemSCL117Control Action of Light Control Device
SCL118Stroboscope SCL119Analog Computer
SCL120Digital Control System TrainerSCL121Study the variations of time lag by changing the
time constant using control engineering trainer
SCL100Second Order Control SystemSCL101WPID controller for level control of a pilot plant

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